Welcome to Christina no Brasil.


Hello hello! ¡Hola! Oi! Welcome to my Brazil blog, aptly titled Christina no Brasil.

First things first, some of you may be confused. "Christina no Brasil?" I thought, yes! Yes! Christina is in Brazil. So why is she saying "no"? And wait... I thought Brasil was spelled with a z.   

To address the latter: "Brazil" is "Brasil" in Portuguese. Not a long explanation for that one.

The "no" is actually a preposition and article contraction, pronounced like "knew/new" in English. In Portuguese, the preposition "em" (translated to in/on/at in English) is used to indicate places/locations. When used with definite or indefinite articles (in this case, the definite article "o"), a contraction is formed. These contractions coincide in gender and number with the places they refer to. Christina "em + o" Brasil = Christina "no" Brasil.

Wasn't expecting a grammar lesson on the home page? Well, you entered the blog of a language lover! What more can I say. This isn't just a travel blog, because in fact, I am not just traveling. I am working, playing, living, exploring, teaching, learning, thinking, dancing, swimming, hiking, drinking, eating!!! and meeting wonderful people in Brazil.